Monday, April 25, 2011

Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

Easter weekend was also the Rockabilly Weekender at the Orleans Hotel and Casino here in Vegas.  It's possibly the only rad weekend to stay at the Orleans in the whole year (disclaimer:  I've never stayed at The Orleans.  It might be fantastic.  I'm just saying "rad" is not a word oft-heard in conjunction with The Orleans.).  Unfortunately, we forgot about it until the last day (Easter Sunday), so we didn't see much.  Basically all you can see for free is a few rooms of vendors, but the people-watching is highly entertaining.  I agree that it's sort of lame to just go to the free events, but while we'd love to hear the bands and check out the car show, competitions, and fashion show, they do not sell one-day passes.  They only sell passes to the whole event (4 days).  Since they sold out on the 4-day passes, their policy is unlikely to change in the future.  That doesn't really work for me with my work schedule, the holiday, and my son being so young, but next year we plan on going to the car show (that event, alone, does have a 1-day pass). 

Anyway, I'm totally in awe of the ladies who can pull off the various Rockabilly looks.  Let's be frank.  My body isn't curvy in the right places to rock those dresses (although maybe I could do more of a Rosie the Riveter thing).  Then there's the hair and makeup.  Yowza.  I'm utterly incompetent in that arena.   I failed at the two curls up, one curl down bangs of the eighties (though in retrospect, I'm thankful for that). 

Here are a few pictures.  The yellow booth in the last picture was a pomade booth, and those guys had the best mustaches I've ever seen collectively. 

Another awesome Vegas event is the High Rollers Weekend scooter rally.  BB wants nothing more than vintage Vespa.

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