Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

In honor of Earth Day, here are my favorite Earth-friendly products.
A Slice of Organic Life by Shererazade Goldsmith.  I love this book as much for its idealistic projects (raising pigs an chickens) as for its more realistic projects, like container gardening and homemade butter. Maybe you could be extra Earth-friendly and get the ebook or check it out at the library.

The Bamboo Bottle, $25.  The next time I need to replace my water bottle, this will be mine....assuming I can figure out where to find it.  It's not currently offered online.  Constructed of bamboo and glass, the bottle is free of chemicals, easy to clean, and easy on the Earth. 

Method Wood for Good, around $5.  It's safe for my family, it works, and it smells fantastic, too.

Mrs. Meyer's Countertop Spray, $3.99.  I make a lot of my own cleaning products, but this is a good alternatvie.  Natural, earth friendly, cruelty-free, and effective.  Nice fragrances, too.

 Whole Foods reusable shopping bags, $.99-about $2.00.  These are the best I've found in terms of durability and volume.  I love how I can easily fit them over my shoulder, they hold bigger items like cereal boxes, and that they're made of recycled materials.  Plus, if one does give out, WF will replace it for free.  There is one drawback.  It's my understanding that these bags are made and shipped from China.  That's a pretty serious drawback, but I think that a bag that I'll actually use, and use for years, is better than a locally-sourced but inferior bag that I won't use.  It's your call.

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