Friday, April 22, 2011

Las Vegas Park Review #5: Willows Park

Willows Park - 2775 Desert Marigold Lane

- Acres of grass
- Nice baseball fields and basketball courts
- Quaint sculptures from children's stories appear along a fantastic (yet short) walking path that winds through the neighborhood.
- Two playgrounds
- Quite clean
- Felt safe, even when walking through the tunnel that goes beneath Town Center Drive
- Birds galore (not in a gross, pigeon way, but in a beautiful song bird way)
- Covered parking!! 

- No baby swings.  Actually, no swings at all.
- No toddler playground, although we had plenty of fun on the bigger kid playgrounds (it was windy and early on a weekday afternoon, so we had the place almost to ourselves)

Notes:  I didn't see restrooms, but I suspect they were at the swimming pool/community center building.  I don't know if the general public has access to them when the pool and/or building aren't open, which was the case when we were there.

One of the baseball fields
First of two playgrounds, note the lion statue to the right of the tree
The tortoise and the hare along the walking path
At the end of the walking path is a secured access gate into a community trail.  I SO wanted to go in there.
The second of the playgrounds.  Pardon the angle, I tried to take it quickly, before a little girl went in the shot.
Didn't want to freak out her mom.
Grassy area behind the community pool

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