Friday, January 29, 2010


So we were supposed to have already had our appraisal and inspection on the house, but the lock box went missing, and apparently it takes FIVE days to replace. Anyway, we're finally getting back on track, and have the inspection today. We've been this far on a house before and had it all go to hell, so I won't believe it's ours until we clear these last hurdles. I'm sort of dreading this. In better news, tonight some fabulous ladies from BB's office are throwing us a co-ed baby shower! How sweet!! The past four years of working from home have rendered me socially awkward at best and socially inept at worst, so these kind of things make me nervous. I haven't really missed alcohol since I've been pregnant, but a drink would be good tonight. I know these are truly good people, though, and that might loosen me up a bit. Here's to them!

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Last

We've found a house!! It's not perfect, but we can make it a home. First things first, though. Let's get through the appraisal and inspection...

Friday, January 15, 2010

In Vegas??

Should you ever find yourself in vegas, get to Le Reve and/or Jersey Boys! Le Reve has been a favorite of ours since we moved here and had connections at the show. I think I've seen it about 5 times. This week we had the opportunity to see Jersey Boys and loved that, too (Rick Faugno was amazing..I think I'm a little bit in love). Anyway, if you're unconvinced, head over to YouTube for a preview.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eat Up, Baby!

I had a 2 1/2 hour class on breastfeeding last night with the best lactation consultant. I actually feel prepared and capable! I still don't see how I could ever be comfortable nursing in public, but maybe in the privacy of baby's sling it'll be okay. That brings up a couple of things...

-Have you noticed, among your friends, that when a woman becomes a mother she often loses a considerable portion of her self-consciousness? I'm incredibly shy, so on one hand I hope that'll be true for me, but on the other hand, I'm frequently embarassed for other people who seem oblivious to the scene they're part of, and I don't want to be that person.

-Have you noticed that mothers are more likely than any other women to discuss things openly that my be best kept to their inner circles, such as bodily fluids/functions?

-Have you noticed that parents sometimes wear enormous blinders when it comes to their children? Blinders that make it possible for them to believe that their children are perfect and teachers, etc, are too hard on them or unfair? Hey, I love my baby, but no one's perfect and everyone needs discipline and boundaries.

It's not my intent to judge the parenting of others. I just wonder how the birth of a baby can so completely change one's nature.

Just wondering.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Customer "Service"

After a lengthy conversation with my prescription coverage customer service, requiring 3 separate phone calls and speaking with no fewer than 7 different agents, I thought I'd write a little guide to get you through the run around that is telephone customer service.

1. Have all documents ready before placing that call
2. Have documents you don't think are pertinent ready before placing the call
3. Have paper and a pen ready for note-taking before placing the call
4. Get the names of each and every person you speak with, as well as the date and time
5. Remain as calm as possible. Remember that the customer service agent rarely, if ever, has any say in company policies. They just do what they're told (one would hope they aren't winging it)
6. Explain your situation slowly, calmly, and as succinctly as possible
7. Repeat step 6 as needed
8. Ask for a supervisor if you feel misunderstood, ignored, or that more can be done
9. Call back if you aren't satisfied or if more questions come up
10. Don't trust that what you're told will happen will actually happen. Continue to follow up until you're satisfied
11. Do you best to be polite and courteous, no matter how maddening the situation becomes
12. Be the squeaky wheel if necessary. Follow up by phone, email, letter, etc.
13. Be your own advocate. Customer service employees work for the company, not you. Don't rely on them to take action.

I'm feeling particulary cynical lately after getting the run around from a major retailer over Christmas, this insurance company, and a major shipping company. Health care providers are often cautioned against thinking of patients as numbers or as unavailable beds, and I think customer service reps should be taught the same thing. It's empathy, people!

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Now I want to thank Miss Craig who finally, patiently helped me today. She saved my day. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

32 Things

In light of the new year, I thought I'd post my most recent list of "resolutions." They're not really resolutions, per se, but more of a list of minor goals. I started doing this when I turned 31, and it's not an original idea. I completed just 16 of the tasks on my "32 Things to Do Before I'm 32" list. Perhaps some of my "things to do" were a bit too ambitious. Normally I'm pretty good at keeping resolutions, etc. I successfully gave up fried food and soda once for Lent, and still only very rarely indulge in either one. Anyway, with that in mind, I made my list of "33 Things to Do Before I'm 33" in July. Here it is, with progress notes...

1. Take a pottery class (on hold until after the baby is born)
2. Have the baby naturally (Didn't happen, but I'm okay with that)
3. Move, and/or buy a home (Done 02/10)
4. Make baby clothes (Done! Well, one item is done.)
5. Make baby toys (Done!  Soft blocks, stuffed birds)
6. Go to botanical gardens (Done!)
7. Get life insurance (Done!)
8. Family reunion (Done!)
9. Go to another opera (Sadly, not done)
10. Read a book of the Bible (Done! This sounds easy, but I meant that I really had to understand it and ponder it)
11. Take flowers to Grandparents' graves (Done!)
12. Take a trip with sister and brother-in-law (Done!)
13. Go to church (Done! ongoing)
14. Record/Photograph items/serial numbers for storage in safe (in progress)
15. Finish our wedding scrapbook (Done!)
16. Prepare a disaster kit (in progress)
17. Make a cookbook from Grandmother's recipes (no progress)
18. Make a corkboard for the kitchen (Done!)
19. Start a scrapbook of husband's work life (no progress)
20. Become a more confident investor (in progress)
21. Take a trip with mom and sister (on hold until baby comes)
22. Get a new passport (no progress)
23. Make homemade pasta (Done, and won't be done again!)
24. Start a baby album (Done!)
25. Learn calligraphy (no progress)
26. Make french macaroons (no progress)
27. [this is a work-related goal]
28. Volunteer (Done! ongoing)
29. Get new glasses (Done!)
30. Take some online classes (planned for maternity leave)
31. 100 push-up challenge (Stalled out at 60 a few months ago, now hopefully I can get there after the baby comes)
32. Start a blog (Done, sort of.)
33. Host Christmas for family (Done!)

Only 13 are completely done, but I have 7 months yet to go! Good luck with all of your resolutions!

UPDATED - I finished 18 completely.  54.5%.  Boo.