Saturday, January 2, 2010

32 Things

In light of the new year, I thought I'd post my most recent list of "resolutions." They're not really resolutions, per se, but more of a list of minor goals. I started doing this when I turned 31, and it's not an original idea. I completed just 16 of the tasks on my "32 Things to Do Before I'm 32" list. Perhaps some of my "things to do" were a bit too ambitious. Normally I'm pretty good at keeping resolutions, etc. I successfully gave up fried food and soda once for Lent, and still only very rarely indulge in either one. Anyway, with that in mind, I made my list of "33 Things to Do Before I'm 33" in July. Here it is, with progress notes...

1. Take a pottery class (on hold until after the baby is born)
2. Have the baby naturally (Didn't happen, but I'm okay with that)
3. Move, and/or buy a home (Done 02/10)
4. Make baby clothes (Done! Well, one item is done.)
5. Make baby toys (Done!  Soft blocks, stuffed birds)
6. Go to botanical gardens (Done!)
7. Get life insurance (Done!)
8. Family reunion (Done!)
9. Go to another opera (Sadly, not done)
10. Read a book of the Bible (Done! This sounds easy, but I meant that I really had to understand it and ponder it)
11. Take flowers to Grandparents' graves (Done!)
12. Take a trip with sister and brother-in-law (Done!)
13. Go to church (Done! ongoing)
14. Record/Photograph items/serial numbers for storage in safe (in progress)
15. Finish our wedding scrapbook (Done!)
16. Prepare a disaster kit (in progress)
17. Make a cookbook from Grandmother's recipes (no progress)
18. Make a corkboard for the kitchen (Done!)
19. Start a scrapbook of husband's work life (no progress)
20. Become a more confident investor (in progress)
21. Take a trip with mom and sister (on hold until baby comes)
22. Get a new passport (no progress)
23. Make homemade pasta (Done, and won't be done again!)
24. Start a baby album (Done!)
25. Learn calligraphy (no progress)
26. Make french macaroons (no progress)
27. [this is a work-related goal]
28. Volunteer (Done! ongoing)
29. Get new glasses (Done!)
30. Take some online classes (planned for maternity leave)
31. 100 push-up challenge (Stalled out at 60 a few months ago, now hopefully I can get there after the baby comes)
32. Start a blog (Done, sort of.)
33. Host Christmas for family (Done!)

Only 13 are completely done, but I have 7 months yet to go! Good luck with all of your resolutions!

UPDATED - I finished 18 completely.  54.5%.  Boo.

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