Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Admittedly, it's a little early in my blogging enterprise to be taking a leave of absense, so lets just say I was temporarily MIA over the past few weeks. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster with multiple offers on houses, none of which came through for us, a trip to NE for Thanksgiving, and some family visiting for a marathon in town. Oh, and a nasty cold. Anyway, I'm back. We're still in need of a home, but I've resigned myself to the reality that we'll be continuing to rent for awhile. There are worse possibilities. Actually, we briefly lived one of the worse possibilities last month, when our downstairs neighbors suddenly took up a new habit. Starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving they started smoking pot nightly right below our master bedroom. Three nights in a row. Then the must've run out or something. Thanks neighbors for the attempts to get my poor little fetus high! The apartment manager said they couldn't do anything and my police officer brother-in-law suggested we speak with them ourselves, since it wouldn't be an emergency call and the smell could dissipate before the police responded to a non-emergency call. Ever non-confrontational, I just aired out the apartment and left for a few hours. We never had trouble with them in the past, and they've been there for about 3 years. Anyway, either the habit didn't take for them or they decided to be responsible adults. We've been odor-free since those three days.

Tonight begins the big holiday baking spree of '09. I'll take pictures if anything looks edible.

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