Monday, April 18, 2011

Las Vegas Park Review #2: Western Trails Park

Western Trails Park

- Includes an equestrian park, so we often walk over to see if any horses are out and about. 
- There are peacocks in the area.  I say that's cool.
- Can be on the way to Target if we go to our second-favorite Target.  And Golden Spoon.  Yes, I categorize that as a "pro." 
- Generally clean (though I haven't used the restrooms)
- Feels safe - I've never witnessed any spooky types there, although I don't believe there is any type of security* (see below)

- Just two baby swings
- Playground equipment is geared towards older children
- A broken bench or two
- Short, rough grass and few shady grassy spots for lounging
- Grassy area is small and almost always being used by adults and big kids for football, frisbee, etc. (not great for a toddler)
- *Sort of desolate during weekdays, which can feel creepy

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