Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 2011, January 6 - Crying it Out

Dinner - Tomato Artichoke Pasta, Garlic Bread

C's Dinner - Butternut squash, Blueberry/Banana/Pear blend

Enrichment - A few months ago C got an ear infection that threw him for a loop.  It also wrecked his sleep habits (full disclosure - he was an okay sleeper, but it was all on his own accord.  We couldn't take the credit).  Since then, he's been up between three and ten times per night.  Yes, ten.  It's our dirty little secret.  He's trained me to get up at his first little peep and nurse, although he's not really hungry - he's basically using me as a pacifier.  If I don't get him quickly, he erupts into a screaming, frantic mess and is inconsolable.  Utterly inconsolable.  The whole cry it out solution makes me cringe, and to be honest, I thought C could outlast us any day of the week, so instead I've tried the more mild Pantley method with no results.  So although it might not seem like an enrichment activity, let me assure you that if we're successful and I can get my first complete night's sleep in 10 months, then my life will indeed be enriched.  To that end, we finally resorted to the dreaded Ferber Method.  He cried for 45 minutes (by "cry" I mean wailed/screeched/sobbed uncontrollably) before settling down (we went in the room to tell him that it was time to go to sleep, kiss him, and pat his back about every 4-7 minutes.  He would latch on to us in desperation).  Then he sat staring at his teddy bear for another 5 minutes before falling asleep.  It.Was.Torture.  And yet, he did better overnight.  I heard him stir twice and put himself back to sleep, then he cried at 3:00.  I went to him and nursed (was that wrong?) since I felt he actually was hungry.  He ate steadily for about 8 minutes and I put him back to bed when he slowed.  This time he cried for less than 10 minutes.  He woke up again at 4:30 and needed his nose aspirated and diaper changed.  He was up for the day at 6:15, puffy eyed.  We will give it another go tonight. 

Resources we used: 
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
The No-Cry Sleep Solution

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