Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Are My Sunshine (August 8-August 14, 2010)

We just returned from a trip to Nebraska for C's baptism, which was lovely.  This was our first time traveling, and I found myself spending a lot of alone time pumping or quiet time nursing C.  In need of some reading material, I turned to my childhood book collection and found the Little House on the Prairie box set.  When my sister and I were little we played "little house" on my grandparents' farm, and as a kid I often thought that I was born at the wrong time - that I really belonged in the 1800s (now I realize that I wouldn't have lasted long without modern hygeine products and rights).  Anyway, I read On the Banks of Plum Creek and On the Shores of Silver Lake.    They're as good as ever.  Too bad the television series inspired by the books was so lame.

Incidently, look what is on Ms. Amy Karol's blog today.

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