Friday, August 20, 2010

Plain White Ts

Last night we left C with his first babysitter (that we're not related to, anyway) so we could go to an event with the Plain White Ts. I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing (only called home once!) since the sitter is actually a mom, herself, and clearly loves kids. The two of them got along wonderfully. It was good to get away, and the T's sang this sweet song

and we ate at Nove,where we had the most delicious carne cruda and a fantastic salad.  Thank you, J, for taking such good care of our C.  Thank you, Nick, for your kindness (please stop flaunting your cool Vespa and making BB think he needs one, too!!).  Thank you Zoe for the space and your kindness.  Thank you Nove chef for serving up the deliciousness.  Thank you BB for the great date!

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