Monday, August 16, 2010

08/23/2010 - don't call, I'm busy.

There are things that take some getting used to about Las Vegas and the desert, like feeling as though you're walking around with a hair dryer blowing on your face for three months out of the year and finding slot machines in gas stations and grocery stores, both of which you eventually accept.  On the other hand, the lack of a Hobby Lobby has been harder to swallow.  Sure, Michael's and Joann are good, but Hobby Lobby - Oh! Hobby Lobby - is beyond good.  It's sort of the Super Target of the craft world.  Go in planning to buy a little spray adhesive and come out with St. Patrick's Day decorations, artificial lemons, fondant, and the wintergreen mints my grandma always had at her house. 

Delicious, in that old-timey way.  You can get these at Nuts Online.

Alas, the valley is finally getting it's own Hobby Lobby opening next week.  If you still don't have one in your area, don't fret.   They now have an online store.

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