Monday, May 2, 2011

Peter Lik, Tomas Mangelsen, Bobby Wheat

Yesterday we went to the new Tivoli Village shopping center in LV, which has a limited number of businesses open right now.  It's such a promising sign for Las Vegas to have something new opening for a change (as one of my favorite stores, EQ3 prepares to close).  I didn't have my camera, but they have some cool artificial flowering trees there and a nice little playground that C enjoyed.  I'm looking forward to the opening of Kidville (does anyone know how much the classes cost?).  Hopefully it'll be a better alternative for us than Gymboree. 

Tivoli Village is also home to Bobby Wheat Photography, which is reminiscent of Peter Lik and Thomas Mangelsen (a Nebraskan, by the way).   LOVE.
Bobby Wheat
Peter Lik
Thomas Mangelsen

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