Thursday, May 26, 2011

Las Vegas Park Review #8: Goett Family Park

Goett Family Park, 10950 Southern Highlands Pkwy

- Outstanding walking trail, see details below.
- Two security guards on bikes were patrolling the path and park (on our second visit, which was just to the walking trail)
- Picnic areas
- Volleyball and basketball courts

Cons, and there are many:
- Filthy.  Seriously.  Condom wrappers, broken glass, and miscellaneous other trash littered the grassy space.  We would never play on the large grassy area.
- The playground looked nice and was fenced, but both gates were broken and swung open.
- Creepy teenager was camped out on the playground equipment.  I was intimidated by him and suspected he was on something
- No baby swings
- No water feature

We did not use the restrooms.  I was disgusted by the filth of the open space and creeped out by the teenager and didn't want to go in there.

Now, for the redeeming feature of this park, the trail.  It's actually built through a neighborhood along a flood wash and is pretty and green.  It was the perfect place to let C run wild since the sides are bordered by fences.  There's no way to get hit by cars or to run too far (into yards, for example).  The whole trail is lined with trees, and it was so pleasant to listen to the birds singing from them.  By the way, the entire length of the trail was clean. 

Broken gate #1 into the playground
filthy green space
playground equipment we would've liked to use
fitness challenge along the walking path
Somehow I neglected to take pictures of the walking path that didn't include C.  I'll take some on our next visit and repost.....


  1. The park is acually really clean and we just hang out by the playground. The grass area is clean too.

    1. I'm glad you had a good experience there! We've gone back several times and have only encountered nice, friendly people, so I think the creepy kid from the first visit was a fluke. We've never checked out the green space after the first time.