Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 2011, January 31 - Goodbye splinters!

Dinner - Again with the soup.  Mrs. Grass.  Hello sodium.

C's Dinner - acorn squash, peaches, rosemary chicken and brown rice

So about 10 years ago I bought this large wicker chest to use as a coffee table, which I sold when we moved to LV.  Anyway, the chest came with two square wicker boxes inside that I've been using as end tables ever since.  When we got our kitty, he insisted on scratching them, and they're now really splintered and ugly (and unsafe for a toddler that likes to stick things in his mouth).  Yesterday we finally upgraded to this:

Avington Side Table, $89.99 (currently on sale for $69), Target
We bought two, but they're bigger than I'd expected, so we've only put one together.  Might take the other back.  Like the two other Avington pieces we own (TV stand and coffee table), it's very sturdy and was easily assembled.  Some of C's favorite hobbies are taking the newspapers and CDs out of the TV stand drawer and banging remote controls on the coffee table.  So far they've survived unscathed. 

In assembling the new table, I noticed a glaring difference between BB's methodology and my own.
He - believes instructions are just "one man's opinion" and feels nothing done without the aid of power tools is worth doing
She - reads and follows the instructions to the letter, including the part where it says NOT to use power tools and where it recommends counting all screws, etc, prior to getting started to make sure everything is there.

Of course I'm right, right?

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