Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 2011, February 2 - happy new year.

Dinner - BB was at a concert.  I had cold cereal and fruit

C's Dinner - Baby oatmeal and apricots, part of my apple, a tiny bit of whole wheat toast

Today's enrichment activity was supposed to be learning about another culture and religion. We were invited to a Chinese New Year celebration at the Buddhist Prayer Center down the block.  BB was going to be gone, but it seemed really interesting and would be a good opportunity to welcome them to our neighborhood.  C woke up from an impromptu nap at 6:00 and we headed over.  At 6:00.  Like the invitation said.  The two guys who met us on our way up the walk were very nice, but said that it didn't start until 7:00 with the dragon dance at 8:00.  I fumbled my way through an excuse for my early arrival without saying that the invitation said it started at 6:00 and probably seemed weird since I kept introducing myself and C to everyone there.  No one introduced themselves to us.  Awkward.  Anyway, they repeatedly asked us to come back for food and the dance, but C goes to bed by 8:00 and let's face it, I was embarassed. 

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