Friday, February 18, 2011

A House Full of Crazy

So I've hesitated to write about our neighbors because I don't want to judge them too harshly, but seriously, that is one house full of crazy.  The sum of our encounters with the neighbors boils down to this:

- Something is off about the mother and three kids.  They're beyond strange.  They speak in very high, shrill voices and seem to be slow in a way that points to mental health issues.
- The 12 year old son scares me.  He stands too close, tries to touch us, and says creepy things that remind me of certain episodes of Dateline or Oprah. 
- The kids are home schooled by the mother, which is particularly alarming since in the past she's asked us what we mean by words like "sushi," "extension," and "pruning"
- BB caught the mother looking in our window. 
- On trash pick-up days, the whole family waits in the driveway for the garbage collectors.  If they're running behind, the family waits it out, and take turns walking to the middle of the road to watch for the truck.  I can hear the alarm in their voices from my office. 
- I've never seen the mother wear pants.  I don't mean that she's wearing skirts or dresses.  I mean that she's wearing enormous t-shirts.  Enormous, but still not quite big enough.
- One of the first things they said to us was "We're not prejudiced."  Good, but sort of a strange way to introduce oneself.
- Their hygiene is in question.

We avoid them when possible.  A little longer than two weeks ago I had the windows open and could hear someone's smoke detectors sounding.  I noticed again the next day, and the next.  It's been constant since then.  We have no vacant houses nearby.  Last night I was pulling some weeds between our houses . . . the alarms are coming from their house.  They've been living in a house with constantly sounding alarms for weeks!  How can that do anything other than drive them even further down the path to craziness??

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