Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project 2011, February 12-14

Dinners - Gnocchi with feta/spinach/chicken sausage and salad (Valentine's Day), ham and swiss panini, eggs with toast and fruit

C's Dinners - chicken with snow peas, berries and yogurt blend, baby chicken meatballs and acorn squash

C will now throw a ball back to me when I roll it to him.  It's best to be more than a couple of feet away when it happens.  The boy has an arm.  He also delights in any kind of peek-a-boo game.  Especially if he's the peeker and you act extremely surprised to see him.  Adorable!

We're almost done with the bathroom makeover.  Pictures forthcoming!  Next we're moving C to his own room now that he sleeps almost entirely through the night.  The other day he fell asleep in the living room and I was struck by how big he suddenly looks. 

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