Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Improvements Catalog gets a gold star!

Before Christmas I placed an online order at Improvements for two Dynamic Artwork Frames for the grandparents to display C's future artwork.  In the process I located an online coupon code for a percentage off of any purchase over $40.  When I entered the code, a message came up saying something to the effect of you may or may not receive the discount.  Either way, you will not see the discounted reflected in the order summary, but it you receive the discount it will be shown on your billing statement enclosed with the order.  Seemed stupid to me.  I wanted them anyway, and they were on sale already, so I ordered the frames.  Weeks later I received a request for a review of the product and ordering experience.  I complained mildly about their weird coupon code system, and lo and behold today I received a call from a friendly customer service rep who assured me that they were working to improve that aspect of the order process, and told me that my order (since they were on sale) actually amounted to a few cents under the $40 threshold (excluding taxes).  Even so, she is going to credit my account the amount I would've saved!  Can you believe that?!  So, here I sing their praises, for excellent customer service, as well as excellent products (the frames I bought really are great - they hold up to 50 different pieces of artwork and look infinitely better than a fridge covered with stuff.  Plus, I figure when he's older, C will feel pretty special seeing his art framed on the wall in a place of honor.)  Kudos Improvements!

$24.99-$34.99 each in two sizes and two colors

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