Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome 2011!

As we polish off 2010, I did a little searching for nice 2011 calendars.  I'm sort of obsessed with the passage of time, and have kept all of my planners and calendars for 10 years (they serve as a strange journal, since I don't keep one otherwise), so I am careful to choose a calendar I really like.  Round 1:

$22.95, Snow & Graham 2011 Wall Calendar at Patina
Okay, this isn't for "journaling," but it helps me focus on living in the moment to flip forward every day (losing the last day forever).  $16 Vintage Forever Calendar from Etsy seller Eclectic Home
$12 from Etsy seller bomobob
$12.95 Daily Doodle calendar from West Elm  Remember your year in doodles.

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