Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conspicuous Consumption

Not to sound too much like the Charlie Brown Christmas special, but when did Christmas become so much about consumerism?  This year I've done much of my shopping online, where I feel like I can really concentrate on finding just the right thing (singular) for each person, rather than being inundated by things, things, things and overbuying.  It still doesn't feel all that good this year.  2011 might be the year we migrate to "giving" by doing or donating. 

Do you find a million extra things you hadn't previously wanted or considered purchasing when Christmas shopping?    Here's what I found last night.  No one thinks they need an origami crane bank or baby tube socks.  Until they see them and are in the midst of a buying frenzy.
(Side note:  although you might not need them, $5 of the purchase price of the bank and sequin animals benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.) 

$9.97-$22.00 at West Elm

$9.97 at West Elm

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