Thursday, September 23, 2010

Las Vegas: Buffet Epicenter

Many people think of buffets when they think of Las Vegas, and often, cheap buffets.  I'm generally a buffet hater (seems that food isn't usually at the correct temperature and I don't like strangers near my food), but we recently had the opportunity to try the newish buffet, Studio B, at M Resort and Casino.  Actually, we went to see "Martini Time with Chef Tina Martini," which comes with a trip to Studio B.  Brief tangent - Tina Martini has a lot of good nutrition and health information, which makes her show one worth seeing.  Don't expect it to work like a cooking show you'd see on the Food Network, though.  She just touches on a couple of techniques before bringing out the completed dish.  Back to the point, that was one good buffet.  Everything I tried was the appropriate temperature and tasted fresh, and I never noticed anything unappealing or potentially gag-inducing.  Reasonably priced, too - dinner was $22.95.  By my count, that's the third buffet I've been to in town, and easily the best (the others being the one at Paris and the seafood buffet at Rio).  I think you should go there tonight.  Don't miss the dessert selection.  :)

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