Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Joys of Home Ownership

We took a mini-vacation over Labor Day weekend to visit BB's family in Nebraska - from Friday until Tuesday.  So, thinking myself wise, I decided to clean the house on Thursday night so we could come home to a nice clean house and less stress.  This is pretty much how that turned out:
Thursday, 3:00pm pick C up from day care
3:00-4:30 play with C and coax him to take a nap.  Fail at the coaxing.
4:30 feed C peas and clean up. 
5:00 start to prepare dinner, realize C has a low fever probably from his 6 month shots. 
5:03 give up on dinner.  Cuddle with C and administer Tylenol.
6:00 BB home to help round up the kitty and take him to the vet.
6:15 after much yowling and scratching, the kitty is kenneled and I'm off to the vet's to board him and then pick up Jimmy Johns.
7:20 home with dinner
7:40 bath time for C
7:55 C pees on our bed, soaking it down to the mattress. 
8:30 finally get all the bedding stripped and into the washer
8:45 B hears gushing coming from the laundry room and enters to find our laundry room closely resembles Atlantis.  Damn.
8:46-11:45 Clean up the laundry room.

So my house was left dirty, with the notable exception of the laundry room, which is cleaner than ever.  Thank God the laundry room isn't upstairs.

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