Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Are My Sunshine (July 11-July 17, 2010)

Bet on the Farm!  Every week Mario Batali hosts a farmers market open to the public for a couple of hours at his warehouse (Thursdays 11a-1p at 7485 S. Dean Martin Dr., Ste. 106).  If you've ever been to a farmers market in LV, you've noticed that the pickings are slim.  THIS farmers market, however, has a much wider selection of goods, though you'll want to act fast.  We're never going to have a huge market of local, organic, sustainable goods here in the desert, but this is a lovely small one.  When I went last, I came home with pesto, squash flowers, honey, and dates.  I really wanted to dive into the cherries, but it was clear that I was annoying people with the stroller, so I made my exit. 

Speaking of Batali, when are he, Paltrow, Bittman, and Claudia Bassols getting back on the road? I hope the next stop is Greece.

This just makes me smile.  Smiling is good.

Find it at Snorg Tees.

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