Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does Anyone Smell Waffles??

So today I went to the dermatologist to have three cysts removed from my scalp.  I know, gross, right?  Anyway, this post isn't about the details.  To backtrack, when C was about 3 months old I suddenly had a drop in my milk supply and ended up restoring it by pumping once an hour and taking fenugreek.  One of the side effects of fenugreek is a distinct - ahem - aroma of maple.  Hey, thought I, it's totally worth it if I can continue breast feeding.  Then, a couple of weeks ago I had a skin check at the dermatologist.  Thinking myself wise, I brought a sweater for the waiting room (doctors' offices are ALWAYS cold, right?  Right??).  They put me in an exam room, I donned the gorgeous paper gown, and waited.  Quickly I noticed that the room was horribly under-air conditioned and it was a 113 degree day.  Here comes the sweat.  Followed by the odor.  Followed by the panic and embarassment.  Followed by the let down.  Oh God, the let down.  In comes the doctor.  Poor woman had to go over my sweaty skin and through my sweaty, maple-y hair while I basically sprayed milk over a three-county area (okay, that last part is an exaggeration - I put my bra back on when the action started).  So today I'm sure she was less than thrilled for the follow-up and surgery.  All was going well, though, until they realized that the cysts were too far back on my head for them to do the surgery while laying down.  So I sat up, braced against the raised exam bed back.  They started discussing doctorly things, like blood, sutures, etc. and I passed out.  Fantastic.  When I came back around I think I heard someone offer me toast, but that's besides the point.  I was also sweating profusely.  Bring on the maple!  Should I have explained, or just ignored it?  It was like a waffle house in there.  With blood.  And no waffles. 

If fenugreek also made the milk taste like maple, I'd be raising a little Buddy Elf.  :)

I hope you can block the visuals out next time you have pancakes. 

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