Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, Las Vegas Style

Last weekend, BB, C, and I met one of C's classmates and her parents for some fun at the "pumpkin patch."  As always, Las Vegas does things in its own way.  In eastern Nebraska, when you mention a "pumpkin patch," this is what comes to mind:

All photos from

These pictures are from Vala's Pumpkin Patch, probably the most widely-known - and biggest - pumpkin patch in the area, but there are dozens of similar pumpkin patches around Nebraska (smaller versions of Vala's).  They have corn mazes, hay rack rides, haunted houses, food of all kinds, games, rides, campfires, flowers, produce, pumpkins galore, etc, etc.  It really can be an lengthy event, and so much fun.  Here, it's different.  It was 95 degrees, for starters (I bet those overpriced pumpkins are all cooking inside).  Anyway, I'm not saying the Vegas pumpkin patch isn't fun, but it shouldn't be considered a pumpkin patch.  However, it was pretty great for entertaining an under 2 year old for an hour.  We went to Stu Miller's patch at the corner of Rainbow and Warm Springs.  They were very very nice there.  C and his buddy enjoyed the petting zoo (the parents loved the free hand sanitizer for afterwards!), and played a pumpkin game, but mostly just ran around and had fun.  There are a few rides and bouncy things for older kids (one looked like so much fun - it had a climbing wall and slides), but the parents were too old and the kids too young).  Anyway, once I shed my idyllic notion of a pumpkin patch, I had a great time.  Besides, it's kind of nice to not have to worry about mud, bugs, or bundling up the kids.  So go to the "pumpkin patch," eat cotton candy, pet goats, jump on a bouncy, and enjoy autumn, however it comes. 

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