Monday, October 31, 2011

6 rolls of gauze + 1 t-shirt + 1 pair grey pants = Superman??

Everyone knows someone who waits to do or finish their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve.  Friends, I am not one of those people.  I started Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago, and although I'll likely be shopping well into December, the head start makes for a more relaxed, enjoyable holiday season.  Halloween, it would appear, is a different matter.  We decided to dress C as a mummy, in a costume I'd make.  No problem, right?  It's just a little gauze and thread.  I started on Saturday night.  Last night at 11p I had yet to start the pants, and I gave up.  As luck would have it, my work load was light today, so I took some time off, hit NINE stores (2 Targets, Babies R Us, 2 party supply stores, Baby Gap, Pottery Barn Kids, 2 Walmarts) and finally settled on a Superman t-shirt at Gap with a velcro on cape.  C doesn't even eat candy or understand Halloween, so maybe it shouldn't have mattered so much, but somehow it does.  The kid needs every chance to celebrate all of the silly, crazy, fun aspects of childhood.  I'd go to a hundred more stores to make sure he does just that.  Now I'm just crossing my fingers that he enjoys seeing all of the other kids dressed up (we're going to a safe event at a mall) and doesn't get scared.

the abandoned mummy top
the Gap Superman shirt

Happy Halloween.

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