Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Williams Sonoma Air Freshener

You know how some candles smell so artificial that the house doesn't really smell better when burning it, just....different? Here's a solution I pinned and finally got around to trying.  It's a simple concoction of rosemary + lemon + vanilla + water simmered on the stove and brought to you by One More Moore.  As advertised, it makes the house smell lovely and fresh.  My only suggestion would be to use a decent sized pot and keep it at a very low simmer.  It got a little strong after a while, but the fragrance lightened and lasted several hours after I turned it off.

The rosemary came from my front yard and the vanilla wasn't the good stuff, both of which might make a difference. 

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  1. Ooh, I bet that smelled awesome! I'll have to give this one a go, since I've finally been able to keep a rosemary plant alive long enough to actually have rosemary around. :-)

    Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors