Friday, March 11, 2011

Homemade Baby Food Faves

So after six months of making C's baby food, here are his favorites:

Any kind of squash (an early favorite that's since lost its luster)
Sweet potato (best if it has cinnamon)

Edamame, peas, and apples
Baby cereal with steamed and pureed prunes or dried apricots
Pork, sweet potato, and apples
Chicken, carrots, leek or onion, and noodles
Mango and papaya
Mango, banana, and whole milk yogurt
Blueberries, banana, and whole milk yogurt (really can't go wrong with any smoothie combo)
Carrots and parsnips
Any kind of white fish, spinach, brown rice

Big kid foods:
Steamed broccoli
Steamed cauliflower
Steamed green beans
Lima beans, smashed
Chicken or pork cooked in the crock pot (falling apart tender) with vegetables
Salmon with dill (really loves salmon in any preparation)
Halibut/cod/tilapia seasoned in any way, usually with some fresh herbs and/or pepper
Banana bread
Lemon-ricotta pancakes
Pita and hummus
Brussels sprouts

The Hate It for Now List:
Avocado (loved it the first 5 times or so, then changed his mind)
Egg Yolk
Most preparations of beef

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