Monday, March 28, 2011


The other day my sister, my son, and I were driving down the Strip - something I rarely do since it takes so long and the pedestrians can be annoying.  We locals often get annoyed by the tourists in our city . . . not all of them, just some of their behaviors.  My suspicion is that these are largely good people but something changes in them when they come to Las Vegas.  They seem to think this is a place where the rules don't apply to them, the rules of law, as well as the rules of a polite society.  Anyway, one of the most common complaints about tourists is their brazen attitude about crossing streets.  They often ignore traffic lights or dart across the wide streets and often obstructed medians in areas outside of the crosswalks.  Anyway, we came upon a very recent accident where a pedestrian was hit by a car.  It didn't look good for the pedestrian.  Now, that person may or may not have been acting carelessly at the time of the accident, and the same goes for the driver.  Those aren't my focus right now.  What really bothered me was that a huge crowd had gathered to watch the firemen assist the victim, and they were taking pictures and video of it all.  That person may have been dead or dying and people were gawking and videoing the whole thing.  We drove by as the firemen arrived, so I can't say whether or not passers-by attempted to assist the victim or if they merely walked around him or whipped out their phones to take pictures and video, but in the aftermath, what possesses a person to video someone in a moment like that?  How could one be so callous?  More and more I feel I'm witnessing a breakdown in morality in this country, and in the world.  People seem so willing to blame others for their misdeeds rather than taking responsibility, and others seem to feel that nothing matters outside of themselves.  If I see either in my little C when he grows up, I'll be beyond disappointed. 

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