Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Qualifications of the Famous

My 15-year-old niece was in town last weekend and one of the things she was hoping to do was see someone who is famous. That's not all that difficult in Las Vegas, but we were obviously not going to any clubs. We did, however, go to Target in our suburban neighborhood, and who did we see?? Scotty Nguyen.  Okay, so a poker player isn't exactly what a teenager has in mind when she thinks of famous people, but I think given the request, we successfully found her a "famous" person.  

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Anyway, isn't it funny what kinds of things can make people famous?  Rich and famous, I should say.  What if people were rich and famous for being social workers or special ed teachers?  I'm sure Mr. Nguyen and Justin Bieber are perfectly nice, deserving, giving people, but wouldn't it be refreshing if hospice workers were similarly compensated for the very meaningful work they do?

ps.  Scotty Nguyen was wearing his glasses, but I didn't see a bracelet.

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