Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The magnificent Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom had a tremendous giveaway last week, and I won!  Yay!  I won a year subscription to SafetyWeb, which is frighteningly necessary these days, and will be used to protect my dear niece, W, who, while otherwise brilliant, is much like any teenage girl.  Her horomones and immaturity get the best of her sometimes, and she doesn't think about consequences.  Anyway, SafetyWeb monitors the social web for anything your child may have posted that could come back to bite her/him, like inappropriate pictures, tweets, etc., any of which a potential employer/college/or anyone could see.  If anything negative turns up, SafetyWeb provides tools to remedy the situation before it becomes a true situation.  SafetyWeb also promises to defend against cyberbullying and online predators.  I hope we never need their services, but it feels good to know they're there to help us in that instance.

Thanks Gabrielle!!

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