Friday, June 25, 2010

Spiders: Evil Incarnate

So I'm off to the dermatologist in an hour for my first ever skin check.  The increasing number of freckles and wrinkles should've prompted me to go sooner, but it took the appearance of spider veins (!!) to get me to make an appointment.  Chances are good that I'll feel to vain (ha!) to bring them up when I should really be concerned about sun damage, but I hope to discuss it with the doctor.  Oh, also the mystery lump on my head.  Yikes!  Why didn't I do this sooner?! 

Then it's the weekend!  We have no real plans, and since my magnificent baby C started sleeping through the night (please let it be a trend!), we don't even have to use the weekend to catch up on sleep.  Instead I'll be preparing for the exterminator to come on Monday.  What preparations are needed, you ask?  Well, for those as anal as myself, it means cleaning places that rarely see daylight in the off chance that the exterminator may peek there (hello, baseboards behind the washer and dryer!).  The exterminator may be my favorite guest, actually.  Anyone who can ensure the absence of the horrible desert bugs we have here - especially the outdoors roaches and the freaky spiders - is tops with me.  Since we try to be as green as possible, and have a baby and kitty to worry about, we opted to use an eco-exterminator.  I hope it works! 

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