Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011 is in the books

...and it was a fine, lovely, enchanting Christmas it was.  There's something about watching a toddler at Christmas that brings some of the wonder back into the season for adults.  I don't think C really understood that he'd be receiving gifts today.  Everything is wonderful and fascinating and exciting to him these days that the gifts were no more or less exciting than looking at lights or dancing to Christmas songs or helping to bake cookies, and that awesome little boy was so delighted by it all. As for the gifts, he loved the first one - a wooden truck full of boxes of produce - so much that I thought we'd never convince him to look in his stocking or open his other gifts.  He did eventually get around to the others, and was nearly equally pleased with the other things, even a plate, bowl, and cup set that I thought he'd toss aside was exciting to him.  I hope I can always remember his beautiful, honest reaction...especially when he grows into a harder to please teen. 

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