Monday, September 5, 2011

Las Vegas Park Review #12: Davis Park

Davis Park
2796 Redwood St

- Acres of green space
- Trees (and pinecones, which my kid seemed fond of)
- Two baby swings
- A couple of good toddler-size slides
- Picnic areas

- Didn't see restrooms
- No splash pad
- The playground equipment was in rough shape (unsafe even - there was a plastic bubble to look through up on the equipment that had a jagged hole in it)
- Dog poo and one mysterious broken raw egg in the play area
And the big one...
- We did not feel safe (at about 8 am on a Sunday morning)

When we arrived at the park there was a guy rollerblading around the park with an enormous dog, another guy sleeping in the grass, and a lady sitting on top of a picnic table.  While we were on the playground the rollerblader approached us for no apparent reason.  He was outwardly friendly, but something bothered me about the encounter.  While there's nothing specific I can point to about the morning that made us feel unsafe, I can say without a doubt that we won't return to the park (the list of pros is pretty pathetic anyway).  I didn't feel comfortable near any of the people at the park.  We stayed only 10 minutes, and that was probably 9 too long.  We won't return.

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