Thursday, June 16, 2011

When you say it couldn't get gets worse

In the past couple of weeks...
...I got the dreaded blue screen of death on my work computer, where I had foolishly saved a large project with a looming deadline on the desktop. 
...I spent $100 to overnight the computer to my home office. kid came down with the flu (we're on day 3 now).
...I came down with the flu. computer came back, repaired, then promptly died via virus.
...I spent another $100 to overnight the computer back to the office.
...I neglected to get Father's Day gifts.
...yet another warning light appeared in my newish car (that makes two, plus a malfunctioning horn).
...I snapped at my poor sick kid. 
...I snapped at my husband.
...I received a rejection email, which is sort of worse than a letter.
It's not been a banner month, June.    It's time to say the Serenity Prayer. 

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